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Hey all you cool cats and kittens! We’re hiring a couple of skilled craftsmen or craftswomen. Knowledge of wood working, metal working and having a good time is required. Please share with your friends and reach out via DM or email if you’re interested in the position. tyson@petrifieddesign.com

White oak tables and white oak/ steel service station for @rosedalekb - this server station isn’t our design, but we built it to match some existing cabinetry/storage throughout the restaurant. Original design built by @drophousedesign

We’re not doing W.E.S.T. this year but you should head over to @thecommune.atx to check out all the work we did along with some very talented folks who occupy the space!

Studio doors and operable windows at our @thecommune.atx project! We’re getting close to wrapping this project up and the talented folks who will call this home can get their creative juices flowing!